Mistress Amanda

Mistress Amanda

- 25/05/2029

Her Website:

LoyalFans Mistress AMANDA

Her Sign of Zodiac: Gemini


Professional & Lifestyle Dominatrix!

| Professional & Lifestyle Dominatrix | Female Supremacist | Leather Mommy | Fetishist | Psychological Seductress | Financial Therapist |

Mistress AMANDA is a psychological seductress and a master manipulator. The psyche of the mind are her specialty. Get ready for something, she will blow your mind and you will thank her for it!

Mistress AMANDA is curious and finds the mind a wonderful thing to play with so many ideas.

Mistress AMANDA has no particular style, because she can only be herself. As a dominatrix you can’t act, you can just be. Dominance is a natural part of her personality that radiates from within her and is exercised with a beautiful force.

Mistress AMANDA enjoys intelligent conversations about unusual and dark fetishes. You will share things with her that you never thought possible. You will be scared, aroused, anxious and obsessed with the new you that Mistress AMANDA creates!

Mistress AMANDA is aLady citizen of Womania Empire and guest Mistress of The OWK!

Mistress Amanda expect to be spoiled like a Queen!

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