Mistress Henriette

Mistress Henriette

- 03/08/2024

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Her Sign of Zodiac: Leo

I am Mistress Henriette

your professional German Dominatrix based in Barcelona and Madrid

I am born and raised in Germany. In my appearance I belong to the Germanic-Nordic type with blonde hair and steel blue piercing eyes. In my nature I am resolute and precise.

I have graduated with a master’s degree in human sciences and liberal arts.

After years of work in the scientific research and living in several European countries, I have decided to follow a path that allows me to stay true to my values and desires.

The values that I have lived as a lifestyle-dominatrix since my early adult age.

Right here in Barcelona, a city that suits me. A city that is diverse, controversial, surprising and challenging, but also radiates a meditative calm.

In my play, I range from sensual to strict, teasing to humiliating, and playful to sadistic.

I am at my best breaking down barriers and expanding your psyche, discovering new facets of what you are capable of doing for me.

But nevertheless, My play style ranges according to who I am playing with because the Mistress plays off the sub’s energy!

I enjoy all flavors of submissives regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Come as you are and explore your potential with me. I will bring you to a place where you have secretly longed to be.

Pleasure Me!

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