Mistress Kennya

Mistress Kennya

- 05/07/2031

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Her Sign of Zodiac: Cancer

You probably know Me already. I am Mistress Kennya, the only Goddess you will ever need to serve from now on. I am a real life dominatrix and I assure you, you will not encounter anyone like Me in your lifetime.

You will learn to give yourself to Me and you will find yourself desperate to follow my orders and worship Me. I will have you at My feet at all times for the rest of your life, serving Me, spoiling Me and begging Me on your knees. I will verbally humiliate you and crush your balls and mind. Make no mistake, I’m smarter and better than you, I’m every mans dream and nightmare in one. I’m entitled to everything you have, its all about Me from this second on and eventually all you can think about is Me.


One thought on “Mistress Kennya

  1. I am CRAZY about white high heeled boots. Yours are the most magnificent I have ever seen – no others come close to yours. The heels are the highest I’ve ever seen (you must tower over everyone in them), and they are the whitest boots there ever were. I almost need dark glasses to look at them without being blinded!
    I don’t know if you make custom videos, but if you would dance for me in your white boots, or crush some bugs, or toys, or food in them I would pay you well for that. (If I had my best desire filled, it would be to lie at your feet, have you step on my face, and lick your glorious boots clean until they were spotless!)
    Let me know. Your slave, Bill G.

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