Mistress Solitaire

Mistress Solitaire

- 26/11/2023

Her Website: www.mistress-solitaire.de

Her Sign of Zodiac: Sagittarius

For quite some time now Mistress Solitaire has been a household name for connoisseurs of bizarre S&M eroticism. In Frankfurt am Main (the candidate get the exact address on the phone – see contact) Mistress Solitaire receives slaves, servants, masochists and flagellants. Sissies are also welcome and have the opportunity to be demonstrated by the Mistress’s friends and to be able to show your level of training.

Mistress Solitaire brilliantly masters the game of feminine power and submission, whether lascivious & gently demanding or hard & consistently commanding. The mistress quickly recognizes how to make you beg. You want to serve. You want to kiss her feet, you want to feel her whip … You want to be … be HER slave!

Always a whip’s length ahead – MISTRESS SOLITAIRE – the queen of the bizarre world

Worship Mistress Solitaire

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