Lady Samira

Lady Samira

- 01/12/2030

Her Website:

Her Sign of Zodiac: Sagittarius


I am a very demanding lady and attach great importance to a cultured approach. My beautiful appearance coupled by my carefree nature distinguish my personal style.

The subject of BDSM was already very early part of my life. Early I felt the dominant traits of my personality.

I already knew how to please men, to make the right moves to have complete control and to get my way.

Through my mother who was already active as a dominatrix and discussed this openly, the subject of BDSM was not foreign.

Shortly before my 18th birthday I informed myself more precisely and so my mother taught me the way to the unapproachable classic dominatrix after old school.

For years I have made my hobby my profession and live it to the fullest.

In me you will find an experienced and absolutely accomplished lady who will lead you confidently and stylishly in the game.

Power to live – devotion and submission…

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